Meet our boys

Stud Fee: See below

Sud fee on all my boys, except Zeke and Champ, will be $1500 or a first pick puppy. Zeke and Champ will be $2,000 or first pick puppy. All females will need a breeding soundness exam and a negative Brucellosis test. I will meet you at True View Canine Reproduction in Menifee with the male, he will be collected, and your female artificially inseminated. The charge is only $50. You will also need to have a progesterone test to see if she’s ready to breed. If you are not close we can collect and ship the semen to your vet for insemination.

All our males are tested negative for PRA/ Cord 1 & 2.


Bacchanal’s Champagne, CHAMP both of his parents and all of his siblings in three litters are Champions and he will be shown also. He will be a year old in September 2022. He is a cream.





Black and Tan silver dapple






Dark Red Brindle

Tigger is a 8lb son of Jake and Tiger Lily. He is a dark red brindle and sires nice tiny puppies.



Smooth Red

AP RANCH CASSIUS, Cash was born in a litter of five born on Holloween 2010, from Jackie and Max. a 7lb Black and Tan Silver Dapple. Cash was the tinniest of the litter and because I was so worried that he wouldn’t make it because the bigger puppies were pushing him off of the milk supply, I made formula and bottle fed him for two weeks every four hours, once he was strong enough to not be pushed off I stopped but because he fought so hard to live, I named him Cassius, after the fighter. Since I was so attached to him, and because he is a Jake nephew and stayed small with those big ears and big paws, I decided to keep him. He is a lover, and gets along with all the other boys and girls and aussies. I have had offers on him, people who have fallen in love with him but I just can’t part with him, he will be Jakes replacement.



JJ is a tweenie, weighing in at about 16lbs and he is a son of Jake and his mom is Jemimah who is a Josh daughter. So far his pups have stayed under 12lbs so are mini’s.



Bronson is 11-12 lbs and loves everyone. As an adult he is clearly not chocolate but red dilute. His first litter of four there were two chocolate dapples, a Black and Tan silver dapple, and a chocolate. The mom was a red dapple. His father is an AKC multiple Champion and he can be seen as a reference sire.


Refernece sire


AKC multiple Champion