Subject: Re: Dogs

Hi Pauline, thanks so much for connecting with me. i love everything you wrote. You sound like an amazing woman and a very wonderful dog breeder. i wish all dog breeders were like you. I love your site. I can feel the love. I hope my site didn't make you sad. i want my site to be about the beauty and power of relationships and honor those special bonds we have with our senior dogs, whether we've been with them since they were pups or adopted them when they became seniors. It's all about that "unconditional love". Stay in touch. Cheers!

Pauline, this boy is priceless. Son of Cash and Tiger Lily. Thank you, Kathleen

Hi Pauline- It's been a while since I've checked in with you. Millie is doing GREAT, and if it is possible she is even cuter now than when she was a baby! She has such a sweet personality, but is still a doxie, so is no push over! When my husband comes home from work, he always greets HER first! Probably because she DEMANDS his attention. I hope all is well with you & yours. I'm attaching a picture of Butch with Millie from yesterday, when they were just chillin' & watching TV during the rainy weather! Big hugs, Barb



hi Pauline!
Thank you, so much, for our beautiful Baylee.  She slept most of the way
home to orange and didn't shiver or shake once in the car. She seems to be
acclimating just fine and has been running in the backyard with Boz!  More
to follow!

Hi Pauline- Just a quick note to say hello and give you an update on wee Millie! She celebrated her 5-months birthday

yesterday, & she is doing GREAT!! All her shots are up to date & as we take her almost everywhere we go, our vet recommended we start her on heart worm prevention. 🐾 She was all of 8 pounds her last visit, and she's beginning to shed her baby teeth, so we're having to coax her a bit at mealtimes, due to her sensitive mouth. Moistening her kibble seems to be doing the trick. She is customarily a typical dachshund where her appetite is concerned, she is in no danger of missing enough meals to be of ANY real danger!!! Ha ha!! I am attaching a video I took of her having a chat with me, from a few weeks ago, & thought you'd enjoy seeing her now that she's matured a bit. She is such a beautiful little creature, both inside & out. So loving & sweet, but also has a mind of her own. She is perfectly content to play all by herself on the floor with the multitude of toys & chewy sticks, & she loves to watch TV. She does not, however, like loud noises of any kind, and upon hearing one she will dash to Butch or I & hop up until we pick her up and reassure her. She has always loved to be carried, so she can look over our left shoulders. This seems to have become her "safe place" when she needs to be comforted for anything. She snuggles right in and completely relaxes while in this position. She is an absolute charmer & draws attention no matter where we take her. On the last trip to the vet, they lamented that it was likely her last visit for a year! ☺️ Anyway, hope all is well at your house! Thank you again for your persistence in helping us to have this furry little angel. As I write this email, she is peacefully snoozing in my lap, with her pal Emma only inches away! Much love, Barb, Butch & family

MillieHi Pauline-

Well, we survived the wedding & the newlyweds are enjoying the second week of their Hawaiian honeymoon. I thought I'd send you a few updated pictures of our sweet Millie, who is frequently being called "Millimeter" by my hubby Butch, because of her petite size. We continue to work on potty training, & she has improved, a lot, but still has the occasional accident. Not that surprising ... she IS after all a dachshund!! I hope you are doing well, and that your husband's health issues have evened out some. I think of you so often, and always keep you in my thoughts & prayers. I must tell you that Millie was surely worth the 2-year wait! She gave us so many laughs with her precious antics & adorable Milliepersonality, during the stressful lead up to the wedding!! Now that all the excitement is behind us, she fills our evenings with laughter & love. She has been having a blast playing with our daughter & son-in-law's dogs while we have been caring them, while they have been away. I'm sure she will miss them when they go back to their house this weekend. She and our other doxie Emma are best buds now, as you will see from one of the pictures below. Initially, Emma simply ignored her, but it wasn't long before they were running and playing. Millie is also helping Emma get some much needed exercise, which will keep her healthier longer. Give my best to you kids, and please keep in touch as time permits. Big hugs, Barb & Butch (& Millie )

Subject: Giggs and Mei

Hi Pauline, I wanted to share a couple pics of Giggs and Mei. We went to the annual San Diego Humane Society Fur Ball last night with Giggs and Mei. They loved it! I also was able to fundraise enough money over the last couple weeks such that Giggs won “Beau of the Ball.” We call him the Prom King at home. Love these two knuckleheads! Hope you’re doing well. We’ll have to come visit and see puppies next time J Hope all is well!

Anne Liu and Andrew Roberts

Hi Pauline- All is well with Millie. She's finally drinking more & and all is well. She is settling in nicely, & getting her bearing & some of the routine down still eating well, and doing her business. No "accidents" so far, but this ain't as the saying goes, our first rodeo with "a dachshund". She is just the sweetest little thing & she went with us for our customary weekend treat to Starbucks. I found myself feeling annoyed because the barista didn't even comment on how CUTE she is ... (Spoken like a true proud pet parent). I am attaching a very cute picture I took of she & Butch "resting". She just adore everyone, but is especially fond of my hubby! Thank you again for your persistence in getting us out little chocolate girl. She was worth the wait! Warmly, Barb (& Butch)

 Hi Pauline-

Just wanted to give you an update on sweet little Millie. She is doing GREAT ... eating, drinking, playing, pooping & peeing just like a normal, healthy puppy should! We all love her so much & she is adapting very well to our household routine.

I hope your husband is doing a little better. I think of you & your family often ...

Hugs, Barb

Carmen is 8 weeks old and very tiny, the pic's are very close.


Subject: Greetings from Boswell We just wanted you to know that all is well and how much we love our Boz! Thank you for giving him such a great start! Bruce and Erin Wagner Orange, California



AP RanchGood Morning Pauline, I have been meaning to email you and thank you for the papers for Sofie. She is doing awesome, pure puppy...she lovesAP Ranch being outdoors and would be out there all day if I was out there. I attached a couple of pictures taken yesterday. She loves the water and the one where she is on her back, she is exhausted playing with the my AP Ranchother dog and the grandkids. We love her so much. When I take her to the vets, everyone wants to take her home. I still haven't taken her "out" until all her shots are complete. Hope all is well with you and your bunch :) Kim

AP RanchAP Ranch

Oscar see attached photos :o) (him and our older pup are getting along very well - within a couple of hours the 3 of us could take a nap together…) Thank you Melissa



AP Ranch


Subject: Greetings from Boz!

Boz wanted to let you see ow he's grown! We love him so much!!!

Bruce and Erin Wagner


AP Ranch


To: Pauline Subject: Happy Easter. We have had Chloe 6 months and a day. Thank you. Pic’s taken in Pismo Beach








AP Ranch

To: Pauline Subject: Puppy! My parents couldn't be more thrilled. :) Thank you! My dad wanted to know when and how often you have been feeding her. -Wende








AP Ranch

from Peg and Penny

AP RanchHi Pauline, Hope you and your dogs are doing well! We just wanted to write you and give you an update on Mustard. He turns 1 on 4/20, but we had an early birthday celebration for him today with his friend, Bailey. We had doggie cupcakes (a special special treat), squeaky toy gifts, candles, and AP Ranchall. Mustard is a wonderful dog with beautiful green eyes. He brings us such joy and laughter. He is the sweetest dog ever. He is wonderful with kids (all kids and stranger kids) and very intelligent. He plays well with other dogs of all types and has a great disposition. He was so easily trainable and can do the usual commands like sit, wait, stay, spin, come, and down. He follows me around all day and sits in my office while I work. He is also extremely athletic and super fast and agile--we take him on daily walks and he chases our two girls while they ride their bikes or scooters. We love him like a family member and can feel his great sense of loyalty and love. We are so happy with Mustard and he seems to be flourishing! Thank you again! Victoria, Todd, Penny, Winnie, and Mustard

AP Ranch Doxies

Subject: Ozzie 11 months old today.

Such a love Ozzie and his buddy ready for play time. He has gorgeous markings, and silky coat. Sweet, sweet, sweet. That's my boy! Almost one year old. Son of Cash and Tiger Lily. Thank you so much Pauline!



ellieTo: Pauline
Subject: Ellie is Georgeous

She is so beautiful and just as sweet.

Lynna Belin



Subject: Six days

Six days And she already has the boys both in love.... I cannot tell you what joy she brings to us. I feel like I have waited my whole life for her! My Really Rosie darling.






Chloe 2/15/14 six months old at Pismo

Pauline, Thank you for such a sweet little girl. Britt Shepard








We are doing so great.. Five and Pops (well you called her Kisses and we should have keep that name as every single morning I get more than a fair share) are doing excellent too, they changed our life (so by extension you did!) we will never be able to thank you enough for these two beautiful gifts!!! We are moving again very soon, we bought a new home, and they both approved this new buy as it is so close to a very nice park and nature (popsy loves nature, she is a hunter) and close to the shopping center (Five's favorite as he loves to be pet by large groups of girls and does not like to walk on the grass) :0) see.. We are having so much fun!!!


Hi Pauline! I just wanted to let you know that little Frankie is doing very well and loves his new sister and brothers. Thanks you so much for him :) Chandra

Hi Pauline,

I give permission for the pictures and the testimonial that I attached to this email to be displayed on your website. Tootsie is getting along well with our Jack Russel Terrier Lena. They immediately hit it off as soon as she got home. Tootsie is very friendly and a wonderful addition to our family. As I told you before when we originally met our first Dachshund Nibbly Nibb was dog napped back in Aransas Pass, Texas back in 2009 when she escaped from our yard and was never returned to us. When we lost Nibbly Nibb it devastated our family. Briana didn’t remember her, but I’ll never forget her. When we found you it was a true blessing to be able to get Briana another Dachshund. We’ll love and treasure her always, thank you for allowing her to be a part of our family. P.S. She's doing well on her potty training too, she poops and pee's on the doggie training pads. Thanks for teaching her to do that. Sincerely, Aislin Gibbens

tootsie tootsie tootsie

Hi Pauline, flint

We wanted to let you know that the little guy fit right in with the whole family and did really well his first day. Because we got him on halloween we were running through names that would acknowlege the occation and fit his personality. One of the girls through out Jack for Jack O'lantern and we all agreed that was the one. Jack was also the calm, in charge doctor charactor in the Lost TV series which was one of our favorites and our "Little Jack" certainly carries himself similarly. LOL Thanks again for working with us on the price and bringing him into our family! If you ever decide to sell the Betty Boop figure flintplease let me know. My Mom is a huge BB fan/collector and even has a long haired minature doxie named after her. Take care! Gary




Hi Pauline,

Wow, it is hard to believe that 2 years ago today you called to tell us that Tiger Lily had her babies and you had the perfect little red sable girl for us.

Well she has grown up to be quite the little girl.

In the past year she has had quit a few adventures.

She rode on the Wienerschnitzel float in the San Diego Holiday Bowl Big Bay Balloon parade in December.

In April she went to the University of California at Davis for the Doxie Derby.

In August she was in San Diego and appeared on 4 different TV programs. Most notably

She was interviewed by Alicia Summers on CBS News 8.

Recently she has decided that she would like to start racing again by winning the 3rd place trophy at the Gas Lamp Oktoberfest in Long Beach on October 5th;

then placing 4th at the Anaheim Hills Kiwanis Oktoberfest on October 19th,

Winning the second place prize at the Hallowiener Picnic on October 26th and

placing 4th at the Norco Lions Club Oktoberfest on October 27th.

Lady Luv was pictured in the main section of the October 27th Orange County Register.

Yes indeed she has had quite a year but she is also the perfect lovable, playful, little girl just like you said we could expect one of your little ones to be.

We anticipate that her next year will also be full of adventures as she has already been invited to be on the Wienerschnitzel float again in December.

Oh, and she will be doing her part as the Winerschnitzel Goodwill Ambassador in the 9K-K9 Cancer Walk in Long Beach on November 9th.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share our lives with one of your wonderful little dachshunds.

Dayton and Bobbie La Grua


I can't tell you how many people have asked me where I got Ozzie. So....I pass on the word all the time. I hope that some of my referrals will come to you. Thanks for the update on available puppies. I will continue to let people know. Ozzie had his first big outing walking the Oceanside Harbor. Everyone, had to ozziestop and pet him. I will send recent photo. Actually, he is growing so quick. He already weighs 9 pounds. But, now that I have him walking each day I hope to keep him trim. I wonder how much he will weigh full grown. Agility classes will start on Tues. And I plan on entering him in the wiener dog races next year. So....thank you again for my sweet boy! The best to you. Ozzie on his first outing to the harbor. He,will be kayaking with me, right now he'sa little frightened of the seals baring. I sure wish I could get one of your other new pups,ut I think I have my hands full .


pennyshe is doing great.  Is very curious about everything. If she can go under or behind something instead of in front of it she will!  She has been behind all the furniture and outside she goes behind the storage shed, in between the wall and the stems of the wall plants. She has explored every inch of the backyard. She is learning to use the ramp up and down to the couch. penny She can even carry one of the toys up the ramp.  She goes to sleep in her crate at night and after taking her out during the night she goes right back in and back to sleep.  No problem at all at night. She  walked around and cried a little bit this morning.  I think she was missing her playmates but this afternoon  she is fine.

Hi Pauline!
mustardThis is Victoria.  We adopted Mustard a little over a week ago and are enjoying him immensely!  He is adorable and such a good dog.  He seems completely settled into our lives and we are getting used to him too.  He is pretty mellow (except when he gets access to the forbidden living room and he goes crazy sniffing under couches for leftover food).mustard

He loves lying in the sun, meeting new people (especially kids), and enjoys his new puppy friends in his puppy class.  He potty trained to our house very quickly and seems like a very smart dog.  Our children adore him and he seems to really enjoy their company (although he loves our laps for naps even more!).

Here are some photos of the little guy (growing by the day).

Victoria, Todd, Penny, and Winnie

Hi Pauline,

Lady LuvWell, Lady Luv is 9 months old now and it’s time to give you another update. She is really growing into a strong, fun loving and active Doxie who loves to run. When we take her on her morning 3 mile walk she strains and tugs at her leash trying to run. She would run the entire three miles if we would let her. Each time we take her to a race, or any dachshund event, we are continually told how strong and beautiful she is and how she has the perfect classic dachshund appearance. On Saturday before last, just 4 days after she turned 9 months, she raced in the Wienerschnitzel Wiener National Time Trials at Qualcom Stadium in San Diego along with 350+ dachshunds. She qualified in the top 16 for the semi-finals at Del Mar race track on Labor Day with the 5th fastest time of the day. That’sLady Luv us standing behind the number 6 starting box with the other finalists. Yesterday at Old World Village, She went undefeated for the day beating out 2 chiweenies, a yorkie, 2 shitzus, a Labraweenie, and all the other doxies. Her closest competition was the frequent winner Lola, (boy was her family surprised as she had beaten Lady Luv every race in the past) and the terrier mix Daisy who came in second. Many people have asked us where we found her and of course we refer them to the A-P Ranch Dachshund web site. Thank you for such a wonderful loving little Lady Luv. Dayton & Bobbie

GiggsHi Pauline, Every weekend, I tell Giggs and Mei that we have to come visit you. They are so great and so good. I wish I could have more of your puppies because they truly have such a great and loving disposition. They are characters…Giggs is just a little “lover” boy. He is so happy, go lucky and just wants to love and chaseMei bubbles in the pool. He can frolic in the water, yappig and chasing bubbles for hours. Mei is just an obedient little girl, always seeking praise for being good and she takes on the “mother” role with Giggs and she’s a “Suzy homemaker.” So fun to watch these two and to see how male and female doxies are wired differently. Thank you again for being such a great responsible breeder. Josh is the man J and Jorja and Cammie did good with our babies. We’ll have to find a weekend in August to visit….Anne


I just wanted to say thank you. One year ago you gave me my bundle of joy that has given me so much. I love my Oscar so much, he is an amazing friend. He always knows how to cheer me up when I am down or not doing well. I don't know how you did it but he is my best friend. I know this sounds crazy but I ask him questions and I swear he understands me, example asked him where his bone was and bam he always goes and gets it for me. So I just wanted thank you personally as a Military man and the things I have dealt with Oscar was a big reason for my success and rehabbing due to injuries. I know my wife has sent you photos of Oscar and Peyton, I just wanted you to know how I felt. If you ask anyone that knows me they know my lil guys are my sons and my world. Thank You and God Bless~ HM3(FMF) Bartrom, Jeffrey

Hi Pauline,

Attached are two of the pictures showing her flying low at the Pet Expo in April. lov

She raced yesterday and only lost to the eventual winner Penny Lane (2012 Wienerschnitzel National Champion) and the 3rd place finisher, Mr. Schnitzel; it was a double elimination race and she won 6 times before they eliminated her.

Hopefully one day she will be racing for the championship.

Lady Luvs New Outfits 042.JPG

Love, Dayton, Bobbie and Lady Luv

maxTo: Pauline
Subject: My loves Max and Ruby

My lap friends:-) Isn't she adorable!!!!! And of course Max is One in a Maxamillion!!!!!!
After a Rough day......what is better then this??????
Me----I just want you to know AGAIN what a blessing these dogs are to this family. Honestly, can not put it into words. Ruby has such a sweet soul and is very attached to me:-) She and Max are BEST BUDS! Cutest thing ever! We would love to come visit you this week. Let me know if there is a better day. And lets YOU AND I set a lunch date.
Love you Miss Pauline

Pauline Here Ellie is loving her brother, Frankie. He is so much more loving and playfully. She is so wonderful. Thankellie you. Your prediction that she will be in charge is coming true even though he weighed 11lbs. and she 5lbs. 8ozs last week She is very strong and not only protects her toys from him but stirs up trouble. It is amazing to me that at 4 months and 9 months I can leave them for 4 or 5 hours with run of most of the house and come home to clean floors and no damaged furniture (they do have puppy pad by the back door. I will find a time to come by so you can see Ellie. Lynna Belin

lady luvHi Pauline,

Well it’s hard to believe but Lady Luv is now 6 months old and has been with us for 4 months. Whenever we take her places we continually hear comments about her beauty and what a classic dachshund look she has. She just received her official Wienerschnitzel Goodwill Ambassador jacket and looks lady luvso proud when she wears it.Attached are pictures I just took of her in the jacket and a dress she received at the Pet Expo. Everyone says how lucky we were to have found you and her. Thanks for everything

Dayton, Bobbie and Lady Luv

Hi Pauline,

Hi Pauline, Just wanted to thank you again for giving us our beautiful, loving doxie! Oscar is doing fabulous and loving life with his brother Peyton. We are so happy to celebrate Oscar's first birthday, my how time flies! Enjoy his birthday picture! Samantha

Lady Luv had a good time at the races and was a big hit. So many people commented about what a beautiful and classically proportioned little doxie she is.

After two practice runs she learned the starting box and raced like a veteran all the way down the track to Bobbie and blew away the competition in the rookie/puppy races. Even though the other puppies were 3 to 6 weeks older she was so much more powerful looking. Everyone was amazed at her strength and how quickly she caught on and they couldn’t believe she was the youngest one there. She was then put in with the veterans and was a bit distracted by the dog in the lane next to her and lost her first race by a head. She then won the next three races and then barely lost to one of the regular champions. What an impressive performance for her first time. Local Huntington Beach TV was there filming the races and filmed her racing, we were even interviewed afterwards. We’ll have to look for the show in April and hopefully they will use some of her racing footage. The lady that calls the races told us how amazed she was at her performance and strength. Usually all the puppies can only do 2-3 races then they are tired and stop but not Lady Luv each successive race she was stronger and faster and she can’t wait to see how she’ll do when she is a year or 2 older, as she said, “looks like Lady Luv be a real winner”.

Well enough for now.

Have a sweet doxie dreams night.

Dayton 3doxie sig.gif

Subject: All is Well With Lady Luv

Hi Pauline, Lady Luv had her wellness check today and of course everyone in the office fell in love with her instantly. As we were setting up her records and providing her information we were told that your records were the best, most complete and easiest to follow of any they had ever seen and that you were to be commended. You will definitely be at the top of the list should anyone ask for a dachshund breeder recommendation. One of the desk clerks said that she was absolutely beautiful and totally flawless and that they have had many doxie puppies come in but none as perfect as Lady Luv. During the exam Dr. Garza commented about how healthy she was and that she couldn’t remember when she had seen such a perfect dachshund puppy. She is definitely going to grow into a real beauty. You definitely have a winning pair in Cash and Tiger Lily. In her take home package you included a white bone shaped chew we think it had the word chick… something printed on it. Lady Luv was crazy about it but she stashed it somewhere and we can’t find it. Do you remember the name or brand so we can buy her some more? Bobbie and Lady Luv are both cuddled together in mutual love and adoration right now. I hate to disturb them but it is time to take Lady Luv out for her next potty break. Thank you for such a beautiful little fur angel.

Lady LuvLike any true Doxie Lady Luv enjoys lying in the sun light.

She is now at 6lbs, full of energy, walks about 3/4mi each day and like any puppy is into everything. Our kitchen trash is now hanging about 5ft in the air as she figured out how to open the door under sink and then learned to tear it down when it was hung from the door handle. She gets her last round of shots on Friday the 17th and begins her puppy training class on the 24th. She is indeed a real treasure, follows Bobbie around like a shadow and then it’s my turn when Bobbie isn’t around, but she really prefers Bobbie. We’re so glad we found you and you are our friend.

Love, Dayton, Bobbie & Lady Luv

Miss Halloweenie Von Steiger at one year and weighing 7lbs. Just wanted to send you a pic of the Queen! She's almost 1!!! We love her so much! Thank you xoxo




Hi Pauline,

Oscar is doing AMAZING. Ever since we got him a little brother, he has been so much happier than he already was. Oscar has such a sweet, playful personality. You were right about Peyton with is size. He is definitely going to be bigger than Oscar, but not quite as big as a full doxie. Both dogs are such a blessing to Jeff and I. We love doxies and are so grateful for you. They are the best thing to happen to Jeff and I. I attached two photos for you of Jeff with the pups. I apologize in advance for the 2nd one! Jeff was determined to get the boys ready for his football game by dressing them up. Brace yourself!!! LOL. Hope all is well with you.




CamiI thought you might like to see some recent photos of Cami & Rebel. There are 8 months old now....hard to believe that the time has passed so rapidly. Both are doing well, Cami weighs 8lb. 3oz. Rebel is 4lb. 8oz. They are best buddies. Cami and RebelCami is such a sweetheart, Rebel is a rebel.
They are 99.9% house broken. They go to the back door when they want out. Cami does have happy water when people come to visit. They enjoy our trips in the car. They walk 15/20 minutes 3/4 times a week over at the school. At bedtime its a race to see who gets the best spot in our bed. Next thing we know Cami licks us awake at 6am saying take me outside.
We love them both. They have brought real joy to our lives. When it gets cooler we'll make a trip down so u can see them.
Thanks again for such a good little girl....hope all is well at your house. Bob & Donna

Subject: Mei update

They have officially become brother and sister..they still play hard but now they sleep together…Mei had a good nite and she is a good girl..for the most part hits the paper but a couple of accidents on the rug..but no big deal. She is really a tough girl and such a doll. Once again, you have bred and raised a well adjusted pup. Giggs’ gets jealous though so I have to remember to always love him first and pick him up. Whatever toy she has in her mouth, he takes it away from her even if he doesn’t play with it. Same with chewy bones…he’ll have one in his mouth, she’ll chew on one, and he’ll go over and grab it from her even though he has one. I think that will adjust with time. It’s only been 24 hrs.

Subject: Giggs and Mei

Hi Pauline, Giggs and Mei are doing so great together…they are pals and we are so in love with them. Mei is gettingGiggs and Mei darker and she is a little munchkin and quite the rascal. She is going to be the leader of the pack and the one that will get Giggs into trouble. He is so loveable. We are so lucky to have these two. Mei’s puppy well check was good. Giggs fur coat is coming in thick..he’s going to be hot this summer J. Hope you enjoy these pics. As you can see, they are not spoiled…haha…




She’s a doll..I don’t do dog “clothes” but I just couldn’t resist this little thing to take pics. Mei took a really long nap but her and Giggs play all the time.. Gets rough and she lets him know. They just had a little teeth baring strangle hold on each other’s necks that I broke up by shouting. They’ll be fine after this weekend…Will let you know tomorrow how the night went. Anne

Hi Pauline, I just wanted to check in with you. Oscar is doing great and has been flea free for 4 days now. We took him to a gathering with some other military couples and their dogs last night. He did so well around the other big dogs. Whenever the huge lab would get close to him he'd just lay on his back and freeze. He definitely knows how to be submissive. Attached are some pictures for your enjoyment. Have a wonderful weekend. Samantha



Hi Pauline,

Jeff and I talk to everyone about Oscar!! Yesterday we fell even more in love with him than before. We will be going to Los Angeles on Saturday and Sunday to spend Easter weekend with my family. That said, can we come by on Friday (4/22) around 11 to visit Oscar? Attached are our two favorite pictures we took of him on Sunday. Thank you so much for everything. You are truly the best!!!! Samantha

To: Pauline

Subject: A beautiful Sunday

Five and Pops enjoying the sun and each other's company. They are both just great.

Herve Duboscq



Subject: Update on Giggs first day and night

Hi Pauline, I must first say what a wonderful breeder you are and your philosophy of breeding pets and companions first (not necessarily show dogs). Giggs is such a good boy and trained! He did not have any accidents at all (neither pee or poo). They were all on the paper. We set his main bed in the kitchen where the paper is but have a secondary area in the family room with a dog bed and blankets. He loves to run back and forth to them with or without toys and slams into his bed. He cried a little when we first got him home (think he was looking for Cash or playmates). He loves our big backyard. He seems so well adjusted as my fear was that he would miss his pals. We’ll see how he does our first day back to work. He ate the chicken and rice last night (gobbled it up…didn’t have any dry food although we leave it out). This morning, he’s a bit more finicky..won’t eat dry, won’t eat the chick/rice and won’t eat the wet dog food (you gave us in the can). So, we’ll leave it out and when he’s hungry he’ll eat it, I hope. However, he does like his cowboy steaks J…little rascal! And he is a little lover just like his dad Josh! He is good on ears and eyes. He slept through the night with us of course J…he is also loving the yard…unfortunately, he’s discovering other things to eat out there so we have to constantly say no “rabbit poo”…definitely in the discovery phase. Anne

Hi Pauline, Just thought I'd send you this picture (again?) of Cooper in the snow. It's from Thanksgiving and he's all grown up now (ha ha), but it's the cutest picture ever of the best dog ever, so I thought you might want it on your website someday. Joyce




Hi Pauline,

Nice to hear from you !  Ollie is now just over 7lbs !  He's grown up a lot over the last couple months. His training is coming on well too.  I've attached some photos most of which were from this afternoons walk up next to the Hollywood sign. I hope you enjoy them.

When is the next litter of short-haired dachshund?  Beth's mum loves Ollie!

Best, Nick

Hi Miss Pauline- What an amazing day! Everyone was sooo excited with my surprise. It has been a fun filled puppy day. Max has settled in perfect. Doesn't mind the crate and is eating and pottying perfectly. Just like his brother. Max also likes to climb up and cuddle by my neck just like Stanley did. Simon is sooo thrilled. I haven't seen his eyes light up like this since Stanley. I can't thank you enough. You are this family's gaurdian angel. I will send more pictures tomorrow. Lots of love. TRACI

Too read about Stanley Click Here

o my god i am so sorry it took me this long first no internet then my computer took a dump but hopefully better late than never and u dont think too bad of me snoopy is doin well and so loved by everyone i take him for walks and everyone knows his name and pets him and he usually gets some kind of treat around town, he is my best friend and my world i dont know what id do without him i cant thank u enough for that. he has pet insurance i pay 15 a month, but knock on wood ive never had to use it and hope i never will, I’m looking for more pics i have tons but i so wanted to get these off and wish u happy holidays/ Lori



The boys are ready for Halloween! Dexter is a sheep and Milton is an ear of corn, and Ben and I are going as farmers. :) Happy Halloweenie! :) katie



Hi Pauline, Glad to hear my puppy's brother has a new family. I'm not positive he's "Cooper" yet because Jeff and I did agree on the name, but he also saw "Turbo" on your website and got attached to that name. Jeff is so charmed with that dog that I want to let him choose the name, but I've already been calling him Cooper all this time! And I've been in the process of moving to Jeff's house (movers are arriving tomorrow) and the sale of my house closes Wednesday, so the name hasn't been at the top of our list of priorities. We adore Cooper! He is very charming, and he's perfectly happy to go anywhere, do anything, and meet and greet everybody Jeff took him to the office the other day and he spent a few hours with Jeff's staff -- now they are all charmed as well. We also started puppy preschool, thinking it would be an opportunity for Cooper to socialize, but all the other puppies were too much bigger, and the poor guy had to sit in the middle of the room inside a cage! But it turns out a large part of the class is education and assignments for the owners, so it will be good for us all. Cooper is the smartest dog in the world (okay, I'm partial), and he's stubborn already. Well, I'm familiar with dachshunds, and I knew the job was dangerous when I took it! We're making some progress on the outdoor potty training, but we're moving tomorrow, so will have to expect an adjustment again. I can already tell I will be the pack leader in this family -- Cooper will probably want the position, Jeff will not. I'm looking forward to it.

Hi Pauline, California is cold today... I'll sleep the entire day on my favorite pillow with my baby blanket and I'll dream of my family in Fallbrook. I miss you guys!!!





Hi Pauline, Thanks for letting us spend so much time there today. My folks LOVED being there, and would have never left if I didn't drag them away. You have the most beautiful, well-adjusted dogs I've ever met. I'm really excited about picking up Jeremy. I spoke with Jeff about Jolene and Josh's upcoming litter, and we would like to be first on the list for a female. Thanks, Joyce




Hi Pauline! I got the paper from you, thank you! Megan and I were on vacation last week, so I'm just getting caught up on mail and stuff today. Here are some pictures of Ritter -- we did rename him to Maxwell Silverworth (even though Max is his father's name, we thought it fit him too). He is a great dog. thanks again! Debbie



This is Dexter, the older one, from Jackie and Frankie’s litter and his baby brother Milton, from Jackie and Josh’s litter. Kate & Ben were worried that Dexter, being the only child for a year would have trouble accepting Milton and sharing with him. Looks like it’s not a problem. Aw-w-w-w-e aren’t they cute????



Hiya Pauline!

I just wanted to thank you again for such a wonderful little pup. He is doing SO well and we couldn't be happier. The first few days were a little stressful for him I think, we live in Downtown San Diego so all the people, cars, and noise can be a bit much.In the past few days we have seen him come out of his shell so much! He greets everyone and every dog he sees with excitement and a very waggly little tail. Housebreaking has been going smoothly and he had his first vet visit not too long ago. We asked her about feeding, housebreaking, general health stuff, and she gave him his very first check-up! He is a very very healthy little boy, and we've started him on Frontline and Heartgard. The first week he slept in his own crate but has somehow made it into our bed and likes to snuggle himself between the two of us. He's quite the cuddle bug! :) Currently he has himself burrowed under a pile of pillows and balnkets on the bed and is asleep. He's such a sweet little guy with the greatest temperment. We are so lucky and very grateful that we found you. Ben and I were discussing possibly getting another Dachsie in a year or two and you of course would be the person we would get he or she from. How is Snoopy doing by the way? I make sure to carry your cards around with me in case anyone seriously inquires about where Dexter came from and so on. I've mentioned Snoopy to a few people, said he was equally as sweet as Dexter. I hope he finds a home soon, he's a neat little guy! Hope all is well with you, have a wonderful day!

Hi Pauline!

Thanks for the email and for checking in. We are all doing great and having a blast. We renamed Lacie...she's Bev now (short for Bevo - the mascot of my alma mater), and has a new sister named Rev (short for Reveille - the mascot of Steve's alma mater). Rev is an English Springer Spaniel (10 weeks old also) and quiet a bit bigger than Bev, so we have been keeping a close eye on them and don't leave them alone together yet, but Bev has started standing up to the bigger dog and they are going to be good friends. I am attaching a few pictures of both puppies.

We got both pups their own crates until they are a little older and can be trusted in the same crate during the day. We have the kitchen doored off from the rest of the house and plan to let them play in the kitchen and use the doggie doors to the enclosed back yard once they are a little older. I think it will work out great, but for now they hate being in their crates or left alone at all. We are hoping they grow out of the whiney stage quickly for everyone's sake!

We will send more pictures soon and will certainly send any future doxie lovers your way.

Linus is everything we wanted in a puppy. He is intelligent, full of life and has oddles of energy! He has kept us hopping! This is why I have not had time to email you. He is absolutely adorable and perfect in every way. He is so smart. He discovered a bag full of dog toys in our son's room, toys our son Robb had bought to take to his doxie, Angel, a black and tan mini. Linus thought those toys were his! He kept running back to Robb's room, assured those toys were his! He has already learned how to play pull toy and fetch with the toys you gave him. He loves to play with his toys. He also enjoys rawhide bones and the greenies. We cooked him up a batch of food, organic brown rice and organic ground beef. I did add a few kernels of organic kibble to the batch. Linus is a gorgeous puppy; everything we wanted in a dog. And, yes, he does wake up several times a night, but we expected such. It's like having a new baby because he is a new baby. He appears to learn quickly and is very intelligent Thank you for caring so much for your dogs and your puppies. He is just perfect, healthy, bright and lots of fun and joy. The best to you, teri/tess

Duke is AMAZING! 

We love him so much.  He is doing well with his potty training and is sleeping through the night in his crate.  I have attached pics and will send new ones soon. He can sit and lay down and has even grown a little bit.  We have had quite a few visitors over to see him and all have brought fun toys for him to play with.
Thank you SO much for allowing us to adopt our puppy/child. Nikolette Lowry


Thanks so much for letting me come visit Jasper on Sunday. I can't tell you how happy I am because of that visit. I am so very excited to make him a part of my little family. 

I wanted to share some pictures with you that I was able to take while out at your place. I posted them on my blog; if you wanted to save any for yourself you can simply right click on them and choose "save as" to save to your computer. Click here to see that posting with the pictures. (Or you can go to my blog and scroll down to the posting, at www.chelbug.typepad.com.) 

Thanks again so very, very much!-Michelle Carrillo

UPDATE....... Hi Pauline,

Everything is definitely going well. I'm attaching a few new pictures for you to see...

With every day that passes, we are more and more impressed with him. And I can't help but think that a lot of that has to do with you and how you raised him to begin with.

He pretty much slept the whole way home when we left your place. And he still falls asleep on car rides.

He socializes very well. We have met a few friends' dogs, and he is absolutely wonderful with other dogs as well as other people. While other dogs bark when they meet him, Jasper just stands there like it's no big deal.

We were worried that he might be a stress barker, since we came home to him barking a few times, but that seems to have stopped. He stays in an exercise pen while we are out of the house, and we've learned that if we stay an extra few minutes while he gets settled (and stops whining), he will remain calm for a long time after that.

We're still trying to potty train him, but I know that's a long battle...

He's definitely a clown around the house; constant entertainment. And, while he has a lot of different toys to play with, he seems to have a favorite squeak toy that he enjoys "hiding" in corners of the house and then tracking it to find later. Very amusing to watch.

I am so in love with him. Thank you so very much! Michelle

Hi Pauline,
This is Jason. My fiancee and I bought a sable boy from you last December,Don Juan. We love him and are still entertaining the idea of getting him a playmate. Since he is of Jackie and she is largely responsible for his demeanor and coat we are very interested in following her litters. If you have any pics of her newest litter we would love to see them. Hope all is well. Thanks again for our wonderful dog.
Jason and Zeineb

Hi Pauline,

Tilley is a doll!! She already sleeps through the night in her crate and she curls up in it when she gets tired during the day. She goes potty on newspaper in the house, and on the grass outside. Wow! She is so friendly and cute, and everyone loves her. She does want to bite quite a bit, so we have been giving her a chew toy instead. When she goes outside, I have to watch her every minute because she wants to sample every plant in the yard! So curious!
Thanks so much for making such a great 'going home' bag for her. We are reading the info and trying out all the food samples and treats. She hasn't decided what food she prefers yet, so we are experimenting with several different ones.
She is driving our lab and cat crazy because she wants to play and they could care less! She really needs a friend to run around with but I don't want to introduce her to anyone new yet.
Anyway, everything is going great and we appreciate all your love and care for her to give her a wonderful start in life. Hope all of your pups are doing well. You must be lonely without the babies!
Here are some cute pics of her.

Sincerely, Jennifer

Stephanie is so excited for Saturday to pick Henry up.  She will be there late morning and will call you when she's Henryclose to your home.  We are so happy we found you and Henry - this has been a great experience. I definitely appreciate doing business with you.  I will surely refer you to anyone who asks where they can find dachshund puppies.  Thank you for your time and tremendous care of Henry.  Stephanie and I truly appreciate it.

Sincerely, Greg and Stephanie



Hi Pauline,

I just wanted to share a few photos of our “Izzy” – her full name is Isabella Ginger Skinner and we love her so much. We brought her home in January and she’s almost 9 months old (from Cassie’s litter in November 2007). She’s so beautiful and we get compliments everywhere we go. I always recommend you as a breeder. Thanks again for our lovely doxie. We’re so happy we found her. Kind regards, Carol and Maddy Skinner

Here are pics Of Mozarts first day home!!He is such a lover....he has gone potty outside 3 times and twice on his puppy pads while inside.He loves to play and run..and knows his name when daddy and mommy call him.Last nite he slept in his bed and had NO ACCIDENTS!!! Damara and Jacob

Hi Pauline,

This is Zeineb and Jason. We bought the sable boy from you back in November. We're sorry we have not gotten pictures to you earlier but later is better than never right? So we named him Don Juan, because he is a lover. He has been great and is really understanding the potty training thing. He unfortunately got a non-contagious form of mange that we needed to take him to the vet for. The vet said it was most likely from the stress of moving. Other than that he is just doing awesome really. We love him so much that later this year we hope to get him a play partner. We will obviously get his play partner from you guys as we enjoyed our experience there. Anyway, attached are some pics of him over christmas. Enjoy. Zeineb and Jason

Hi Pauline!

Well we just call her Reese now, she is doing amazing!! She just got spayed on monday and has been recovering very well.  She is just the sweetest little girl and she has an amazing personality! She is in puppy classes now and doing really well, she picks up all the tricks very quickly. She really is the best little dog, it's so funny when I take her to petsmart or the dog park she gets SO much attention!  Everyone who meets her says she is just so cute and tiny and I agree, I just love her so much! Aww that's so cute you used her photo! I had be meaning to send you more now that she is almost full grown, she is about 5.4 lbs now.  I will definitely pass the info on about the pups, whenever anyone meets her I always tell them where I got her. I will start carrying your cards with me too so that will make it easier. Here are a few more photos of Reese! Thanks for helping me find the missing piece in my life! Thanks, Melissa

Walter at the dog park.
I must tell you that Walter has turned out to be the best dog.  I am told all the time that Walter is the best looking Dachshund they have ever seen.  He is so smart and sweet he add so much to my life. Thank you, Walter's mom Kimber

Duke, Dewie and baby Doxie owned by the Heckencamps.


Lucy slept through every night this weekend, and did great all by herself today while I went to work. Used her pee pads which makes me very happy. She is such a good dog! So full of energy I love it, she is such a little spit fire. I looked at your page and saw all the dogs in heat, OH MY!! Depending on when I get my orders and where I go, I will decide if I can get another dog. But I am hoping so! I want Lucy to have a little buddy and I know Cammie is going to make some beautiful dapple puppies, I cant wait to see them. I will take some pictures of Lucy this week and get them to you, she loves my camera and every time I take it out to take a picture she wants to try and lick it. Silly puppy. Thanks for everything and I will keep you posted. Katie

The Rainbow Bridge

Stanley is doing great! Totally crate trained and will go 2 the back door to go potty. Has not had one accident! He is eating 3 times a day the puppy royal canine with no problem. Simon and Zack adore him and they all give each other a run for their money. He loved the blue bear that was in his Thought u would enjoy this. He has been such a joy to me! Thank you so muchcare package and sleeps cuddled with it and carries it around sometimes. And Lance loves him and they watch the basketball playoff games together-actually Stanley sleeps in Daddy's lap during the game. Lance is already talking about getting another doxie down the road. Think he has fallen in love with the breed. And of course he is looking forward to his mini aussie. I told him at his rate we will keep Miss Pauline in business. I told you my 12 year old Weim is a certified therapy dog and we do work with the local hospital and nursing homes. Stanley is such a gem I am thinking of maybe working with him as a CTD when Hunter passes. It is so rewarding. Stanley chases Hunter around and Hunter is so patient with him and let's Stanley climb all over him. I have gotten some great pictures I will send you.
Thanks Pauline for Stanley. He is an amazing and special part of our family.

With Sadness.......................

Miss Pauline~

   It took me a few days to write this and I was not even sure honestly if I was going to write you at all. Stanley is no longer with us. It is a very long story that I will try and cut short. A few days ago, Simon took Stanley potty in our back yard and then out on the front lawn ON A LEASH while Zack rode his bike. Simon walked Stanley out front-- on our lawn and across the street quite a few yards down----where  there was a man walking his English Bulldog on a leash. Stanley started barking and the bulldog went crazy. The bulldog broke out of his leash and collar and came full speed across the street to Stanley. Simon tried to run away as fast as he could to our front door with Stanley on the leash. The bulldog, Diesel-- was too fast and got Stanley. To make a very long painful story short---the bulldog ended Stanley's life in a very violent way only a foot away from Simon. It all happened so quick. By the time I was at the door, Simon was there at the door covered in Stanley's blood holding him--and he was obviously no longer with us. Simon was hysterical. Lance took Stanley and handled Zack and I took care of a very distraught 8 year old, Simon, who passed out right then after Lance took Stanley. I took his cloths off and got in the shower with him. The dog and owner were gone, but across the street lay the broken collar and leash. Simon was hysterical for the entire evening---and next three days. The owner of the bulldog came back about an hour later and I went out and spoke to him. He was about 40 and was hysterical himself. He apologized again and again and said he had no idea what came over his 8 month old bulldog puppy. "Chris" ended up putting the bulldog to sleep the next day. He had no idea how or why it happened, but was frightened by the behavior of his "puppy" who was on a leash. Chris said his dog was so crazed he was worried the dog was going to turn on Simon who was only a foot away. Chris asked what he could do and I said nothing...........my Stanley was gone. Simon expressed later that he was not mad at Chris---he said Chris ran over and was kicking his dog trying to help Stanley---it was just too late. Lance, Zack, Grandma, and Lance's sister, Tammy, buried Stanley in our yard. I couldn't take part in it.I was so distraught, but had to stay strong for Simon who was emotionally falling apart before my eyes. It was just too hard and I had an emotionally distraught child on my hands. Simon missed 3 days of school and lost 7 pounds in 3 days. He wouldn't eat or talk. I took him to his pediatrician and a child psychologist for help on what to do. Today he is just finally turning around. He just keeps playing it in his head over and over and over and then falls apart. Stanley meant the world to him................and to me.

   I have been showing and training dogs since I was 9 and this was something I obviously thought would never happen to me. Both of the dogs were on a leash and we were minding our own business in our own yard. I try and make sense of it and I just can't. I believe everything happens for a reason, but here I just don't understand the reason. Don't think I ever will. It has been hard for me to grieve for Stanley because I have had to be so strong for Simon. Lance was an absolute mess and I was worried he was going to kick Chris's ass before Lance realized what happened. I hope you are not upset with me that I told you what happened. I just felt you had a right to know. Maybe I was wrong, but I hope not. Stanley meant more to me and this family than you know. He touched EVERYONE he came in contact with. Everyone loved my Stanley. As I shared, I took him to work with me several days a week. When I went back to work 4 days later after it happened, all my employees cried. They were all heartbroken. He was just that dog-----he touched everyone in a positive way. Everyone. He will be missed more than you know and I can't thank you enough for giving me a sliver of heaven--even for a short time. Stanley has a beautiful  burial spot in our front yard with a beautiful red rose tree we planted in his memory---which is just gorgeous.  Simon asked if we would hang Stanley's AKC papers in a frame with a picture of Stanley and Simon---which we did. Simon talks to Stanley each morning. Before he gets in the car to go to school, he walks over to where Stanley is buried, apologies for not being fast enough to save his life and for being the "best dog ever". Even though Stanley is gone--he still touches all of our lives.

We miss him more than you know,

Traci and the Trezona clan.