Meet our girls


Josie is a Tiger Lily X Cash daughter and just the sweetest, most loveable girl, everyone loves her at first site, she is a dark shaded red long hair who weighs in at about 8lbs.





Nubbins is a rising star, she was born here, Jake and Jemimah are her parents and she was born with a stump of a tail and no one wanted her until after I decided to keep her.  She is a tiny girl(7lbs) with a huge personality and she never walks anywhere, she marches.  She has wormed her way into everyone’s heart and has been called a Doxer and a Toy Visula.  The vet does not think that her tail is genetic so we will eventually breed her and find out for sure.



Beanie Baby


AP RANCH BEANIE BABY is a Joleen and Josh daughter and will be Joleen’s replacement. She is Andy’s little girl just like her mom is and she just goes nuts when she hears his voice and wants to be in his lap most of the time. She is a little ball of energy and loves to play with Lady, Brutus and Peanut.